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  1. Woodworking? Pushsticks first!


    In the past month I have gotten more and more interested in woodworking and general DIY stuff. Of course I also started building the boxes for my bees myself. But first things first. Naturally I am late again with my blog and this is once again a post summing ...

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  2. Queen Worries

    Too much Acid?

    The mite treatment for my second bee colony has finished a while ago. Check here for details on how the mite treatment works (More Bees and Mite Treatment).

    The excerpt from my bee diary reads like this:

    2014-10-12: Removed empty Liebig dispenser from colony 2 and also ...

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  3. More Bees and Mite Treatment

    How are they doing?

    The bees are doing quite fine. However the second colony I got is a bit weaker. Probably because it was already quite late in the season when I got them.

    Here is a picture of the 2 hives.

    Both Hives

    It is already October so the bees are ...

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  4. Bees, Beehives, Streams? - Hivestream


    I got interested in keeping bees a while ago. For a long time I did not get to it to start keeping bees myself. A Christmas present from my sister last year was for a couple of beekeeping courses organized by the local beekeeping association. So I did indeed ...

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